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Intelligent Enterprise

SAP for the Intelligent Enterprise

The era of the Intelligent Enterprise is beginning; the alternative is to adapt or fall behind.

Becoming an intelligent enterprise allows the workforce to focus on higher value results, achieving the three main internal objectives of having visibility, focus, and agility. Implementing intelligent technologies enables organizations to become the best, produce higher value outcomes, and consequently make the world run better.

Intelligent enterprises achieve more with less, offering better consumer experiences and seizing opportunities. The SAP platform is uniquely positioned to support any organization in becoming an intelligent enterprise due to the following features:


End-to-end integration of key business processes, developed from common platforms, domain models, and master data.


Industry expertise that helps make sense of data using strategic information about their own performance to optimize algorithms.


Built-in intelligence into the core solution as part of our roadmap; there's no need to create a large compendium of separate data or purchase additional tools.

We expedite Digital Transformation in organizations to integrate them into value chains.


SAP Framework for the Intelligent Enterprise

An intelligent suite,

providing intelligence to applications that manage customer relationships, supply chains, networks, employees, and key business processes.

A digital platform,

to manage data from any source (internal or third-party), in any format (structured or unstructured), and support the development, integration, and extension of business applications.

Intelligent technologies,

to apply intelligence to data and processes, through innovations like Machine Learning, advanced analytics, and the Internet of Things.