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Our History


· SAP S4 HANA Cloud Public Edition Certification.

· SAP BTP Partner Enablement.

· SAP S4 HANA Private Edition Certification.

· SAP AI Enablement.

2017 -

SAP Coinnovation

· Focus on Mexican and Corporate SMEs to increase competitiveness and digitalization to integrate them into national and international supply chains.

· Implementation of agile cloud solutions for growing companies.

· SAP Cloud Partnership.

· SAP Sell Cloud Model Certified.


Extended Portfolio

· Rapid growth for Public Sector in Mexico and Private Sector in global companies based in Bajío and Mexico.

· Increase in SAP certified staff.

· Implementation of SAP Projects in parastatal entities such as CIDETEQ and APIQROO.

· Implementation of extended Warehouse Management solutions - Sayerlack.


SAP Partnership

· Implementation of business solutions for the Automotive, Consumer, Energy, Utilities Industry.

· Development of Human Talent, Growth aligned with the business model of the SAP manufacturer.

· Development of commercial and financial structure and Software Development capabilities, SAP Project Management.


Incubation & Landing Technology Park ITESM

· Development and implementation of SAP solutions for localization and SAT compliance in global and Mexican companies.


· Tax Compliance.

· Electronic Accounting.

· Suppliers portal

· AMS SAP support